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Why I love Modern Germany

August 29, 2014, Author: Carlos Potter


Now that is celebrating a happy near year in style!  A huge thanks to Hyun Lee for posting up this photo of one of the coolest fireworks displays I’ve ever seen, not to mention the faint sight of German architecture in the background.

Modern Germany has (and no big surprise to anyone who is familiar with the nation in the last century or two) made many powerful strides of progress.  As a “first world nation” you can expect as much with a stable economy and healthy population growth, as well as a strong rate of employment.  The modern technology of the nation is certainly not something that one should balk at, even when compared to those nations that pride themselves as being on the cutting or even bleeding edge of technology; when I say that I instantly think of places like Japan, China, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, particularly the parts of California known as Silicon Valley.  But allow me to dial the topic back for a moment and reiterate what I mean when I say “first world nation.”  I believe that this is essentially just a term that is used to describe parts of the world that do not enjoy a consistently stable economy.  Although these days, it seems like even the United States of America, what was once the one and only super power, certainly feels a lot of the strain from its weakened economy due to the military conflicts of the world much like Germany did during World War Two (but let’s not compare the Nazi regime to American politics too literally!)


Now here is a much more positive image of the current generation of Germany’s military involvement.  Courtest of The U.S. Army we can see the alliance between the U.S. and Germany is strong as American soldiers are training at a multinational training center in Germany.

While I’m certainly not fond of the sight of weapons of war, I do recognize their necessity especially with the state of the world.  It’s been less than fifteen years since 9/11 but the word terrorism has become a household term around the world.  Germany along with most of the United Nations is well aware of that, and certainly vigilant against that ever-present threat.  I think we’re all just feeling tired of the effects that these military conflicts are having on our cultures, our economies and our spirits.  With any luck, organizations like ISIS will dissolve and we can go back toward a global state of growth.


Joe Haupt posted this very cool image of a handy lighter, made in Germany and designed specifically for pipes!

Speaking of returning to normalcy, wouldn’t it be great if the most pressing thing on the news was the invention of cool gadgets like this one above?  I know smoking isn’t for everyone but you have to admire the ingenuity and ergonomic designs that people can come up with when they aren’t so distracted by life-and-death situations bombarding the news, radio, TV and movies.