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iGo Primo App To Be Launched With iTunes

June 8, 2014, Author: caicoll

iGo primo app Turkey version will arrive with a special launch provided with iTunes. With a view to reward fast and attentive iGo Navigation fans, the app will hit Apple’s App Retailer round 30 August – at no cost! The brand new regional iPhone app might be out there at zero US dollars through the first hour after launch; the value will then gradually enhance by one dollar each hour till it reaches the final value of 29.99 USD. Navigation fans who wish to revenue from this supply can sign up on the iGo my method Facebook web page to obtain instant notification when the app becomes available.

Software is sort of an identical Amigos home display and uses a very similar graphical interface. That’s all that concerns the similarities. As for all different features of Primo is a lot higher than the navigational software giants, the iGo 8, iGo 8.3 and the iGo Amigo, to which it is a direct successor. All who have used the Amigo and who is familiar with the traits of this program are aware of that iGo Amigo has very restricted customization and fails to meet the needs of the GPS navigation users. This isn’t the case for iGo Primo. For more information visit

Nav N Go is a number one navigation solution supplier for the Wireless, Automotive and Personal navigation industries, and presents fully customizable, on-board, 3D navigation functions to machine manufacturers, auto makers and OEM brands which might be custom built based on every customer’s wants. Apple has set a restriction of 2 GB for functions, therefore we needed to exclude some objects from the app and transfer them into the in-app shop as free gadgets. Please download these gadgets by means of the new in-app Shop.